Torrey E Smith


Sheridan, OR


My name is Torrey Smith

I am a photographic imager, specializing in landscape, still life, animals and wildlife photos. I have had exhibits at Ford Street Gallery, Union Block Coffee Shop, and Hidden Treasures and Wortman Park Art Gallery, Currents Gallery,Currently at the Eagles Nest Artisans Studio 3 in McMinnville, Oregon. Our first international exhibit took place at the Alckemy Gallery, in Lahore, Pakistan in March of 2013.

I take pictures of whatever moves me at the time. I would refer to myself as an impulse photographer. Preferring available light when taking pictures. Images can be found everywhere from a sandy beach to a single flower at the top of a mountain. At the time it may only be the colors or the arrangement of the elements that catch my eye. The finished image however may not be totally visible at the time I take the picture. When I get the image in front of me, I will let my feeling and imagination absorb it and guide me to the finished print. There may be many variations of an image each has its own feeling and meaning. But sometimes, images speak for it’s self, asking nothing more than print me and give me life.

I was raised in Glendale, California. Started out as a broadcasting engineer and on-air radio and television personality at stations in California, Arizona and Colorado. I worked in avionics for Western Airlines for 20 years. I also sold real estate, served as a stockbroker, a management consultant, a movie extra and an actor.

I had two favorite jobs in my life. My most favorite job was selling Christmas Trees with my father in Glendale, for 25 years, and I have always dreamed of growing my own. the second was a truck driver. You pickup your truck in the morning, load it up, drive, unload it and go home with no worries.

After leaving Southern California in 2005. I settled in Sheridan, Oregon with my wife Susie. We were looking for a house when I noticed an Alberta spruce in the front yard of our future home. and asked the Realtor, can we buy that tree? She said, "Yes, You can if you buy the house too. So We did.

My wife Susie and I have lived in the Sheridan area since 2007. We share 29.2 acres with 43 ducks, seven chickens, four cats, three goats, and a “city dog” that is growing fond of country living. We help with the Nazarene Church on the Hill food pantry each Monday and Tuesday. We enjoy living in Yamhill County as the artists here are helpful and encouraging to one another. We also enjoy visiting all the various artisans on the Art Harvest Tour each October.


Breaking Storm Over the Willamette Valley 170522-170551


Flamingo Preening IMG_2898


Good Night Oregon IMG_1319


Snow Cart IMG_2658


California Elk HPIM2765


Spider and the Lady Bug IMG_7789


Varations of Shades of Ramond Chandler IMG_1506


Pink Cluster Rhodie IMG_2879


Sun Mosaic Vert.




Harvesting Lines IMG 0856


Long Day of Spring bk c IMG 9810


Long Day of Spring IMG 9810


November Sunset b IMG 2644


Up Up and Away IMG_1183


Fire Tree IMG_1443


Season of Change II IMG 1409


Sun Illusion IMG 0963


Bursting Star IMG 0963


Reflections Panorama IMG 4708 9 21sig


Willamette Valley New Year Sunset IMG 0284


Frost Nature's Abstract IMG_0227


Clouds and Ranch IMG_1244


Iced Vines img 0334-37


Nature's Abstract IMG_5060